Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swimming In The Jungle!

Today, Daddy and Ky tried out her new pool from MeMe and BigBud. Since we have been having awfully hot days it was a great gift for her. Daddy aired it up in the backyard while Ky was napping and when she woke up she put on her bathing suit and helped him put the water in. She was not quite sure what to do with the sprinkling water that flows from the canopy but she did enjoy just sitting in it and trying to pour the water all over Mommy and Harley. I can just see how many hot days she is going to enjoy using this over the summer.

Birthday Girl!

On Saturday, Kylie had her birthday party and what a party it was! We tried to keep it small this year so she would not get too overwhelmed and that in itself was a great idea. All morning Kylie ran through the house shrieking as we put up her decorations and tidied up the house. When MeMe and BigBud arrived early all bets were off, there was no slowing her down. She showed them the balloons, her cake, her monkey decorations, the balloons outside, and anything else she could think of. Then, as everyone else arrived, she really got the party started. We played outside on her new backyard toys from Mommy and Daddy and then we were able to eat lunch, ice cream cake and open presents. What a great day it was! Thanks to all who made it such a special day for Ky!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So our little girl turned two the other day, where does the time go? It seemed like just yesterday she was a little baby, although when we get our terrible two tantrum days you would think she was still a BABY, or when she drags her blanket and bunny to me and says "Baby" which translates to, wrap me up and lets rock like I'm still your little baby... Oh, how they grow up so quick. Well, here is an example of too quick. Cody had to work on Ky's birthday so we went to "The Boys" house to celebrate. After dinner Will walked up to Ky and gave her a kiss on the cheek. What a birthday present! Her first kiss from a boy. Wait till Daddy finds out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Boys!

Not too long ago, two little boys "twins" moved to our neighborhood just a few houses down from us. Kylie has had a blast hanging out with them, going on picnics, going to the park, swimming and playing in the backyard. She even loves to call them and their Mommy (Andrea) on the phone. This has really made a difference in her social skills, Go Ky! She actually anticipates spending time with them. It is too cute.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making Ice Cream...

We invested in an "Ice Cream Ball" the other day at Cabelas, which is made to use while camping when you don't have electricity, but of course we decided to go ahead and try it out. First, you fill the metal capsule inside the ball with your favorite ice cream mixture and then you fill the outer portion with ice and rock salt. Last but not least you seal it up and literally have a ball. While you are rolling it everywhere the ice cream freezes and in 30 minutes you get a delicious treat. It is definately a lot less noise than an ice cream machine and you work off more calories. Yippee for MOM.