Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday Fun

On Easter Sunday after church, Papa, MelMel & Granny came for a visit. Kylie had tons of fun with Daddy & Papa as they hid eggs and found them over and over. All the practice paid off, I believe she found the most! After a lunch of chili dogs, potato salad, chips and dip.... We had fun in the sun with confetti eggs. What a perfect day!

Easter Morning, April 2011

On Easter Morning, Kylie enjoyed a basket filled with goodies, an Easter Egg Hunt and Confetti Waffles all before church. For those of you wondering, confetti waffles have a generous scoop of ice cream and sprinkles on top, one of our faves for Holidays!

Coloring Easter Eggs

As tradition stands, Kylie and Cody colored Easter Eggs together again this year. Kylie always has so much fun with "Daddy Time". Somehow we always manage to forget to hide the eggs but we do enjoy making deviled eggs and egg salad with them after...

Ky and her Papa!

Ky and her Papa!!!

Texas Pie Company

Texas Pie Company in Kyle, Texas. One of Kylie's favorite places to eat!!!

Ky's First Haircut

Over Spring Break, 2011, Kylie also had her hair cut for the very first time. She had so much fun watching a video while the lady cut, setting up her Glamour Birthday party for June and then completing the experience by being dusted with fairy dust... She keeps asking to go back!!!

Kylie's First Manicure

To celebrate Spring Break Kylie enjoyed her very first manicure!!! Of course she picked Hot Pink as her color...

Rodeo at MDO

Rodeo Day at Mother's Day Out... Friendship Creekside Fellowship...

Austin Zoo, March 2011

In the beginning of March, before it began to get too hot, Kylie, Ms. Linda and I ventured to the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary. Ky had been once before with Mommy and Daddy when she was really young so this time she was a pro. She loved all of the animals, posed in front of their cages and even fed the animals at the petting zoo. Such a brave girl. Those goats get awful hungry! She said her favorite animals to watch were the wolves...

February Snow Day 2011

In February we were blessed with real snow, the light and fluffy kind. It was so neat but not enough to build a grand snowman with. But, we tried!!! He did turn out quite cute though, I have to say, Ky did a wonderful job!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bevo Basketball, January 2011

Kylie loves her Bevo, just like her Daddy. This year he purchased us some tickets to a Women's Basketball game. The games are always so much fun. Ky spends most of her time dancing to the music, eating junk food and watching out for Bevo. This year she found him!!! Way to go girl!

New Year's 2010-2011

For New Year's, we took a trip to Christoval. Kylie was so excited, as she and her Daddy were able to try out her new Pink BB Gun she was given for Christmas. Cody made a target and they set out to practicing. She was so proud. She is determined that next time she goes out, she is going to get some real birds and not just a cardboard box. Too cute!!!

On Christmas afternoon we ventured to San Antonio to celebrate with MelMel, Papa & Granny. We even talked Papa into slaving away over the stove for us... After we enjoyed our meal, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, opened gifts and played. What fun it is to spend time with family!

Christmas in Austin, 2010

For Christmas this year, Kylie helped me make sugar cookies for Santa. We baked, frosted, decorated and left some out on a plate with a yummy glass of milk for the man in the red suit to enjoy. They must have been some yummy cookies, since Santa was awfully nice. He left quite a few gifts, one being the pretty pink dollhouse Ky had been begging for... Mommy and Daddy also purchased Kylie her very first pink BB Gun... Yikes!