Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dave & Busters

Happy Birthday! Last Friday we went to Dave & Busters for a surprise party for John & Mason. Here are some pics. I'm bummed because I did not seem to get any pics of baby Madden as Ky calls him. Although we got tons of pics of Makenzie and Kylie... And it seems as if Mason fled the scene every time the camera came out as well. I need to be on my toes next time. Needless to say, Sunny did an awesome job for her "BOYS".
John & Janelle

Makenzie & Ky

John & Sunny (Too cute)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daddy Town

So, one of Kylie's favorite places to eat is Gatti Town. She loves to go and eat pizza but most of all she loves to play the games with her Daddy. When we asked if she wanted to go the other day she said, "Yeah, Daddy Town!" Go figure!

Deal or No Deal


Wacky Ducks

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunting eggs with Papa!

Kylie & Granny!

Kylie & Papa!

Family Time! Cody, Kylie, Honey, MelMel, Papa & Granny!

On Easter Sunday, we cooked tons of food, put it in the oven and headed off to church. Kylie decided she wanted to go to Big Church and I am happy to report that she did awesome, but I think we will stick to the nursery from now on so we don't miss so much of the sermon catching flying crayons! When we got home MelMel, Papa & Granny drove tons of miles to see us and we took turns hiding and finding the eggs, ate lots of food and took lots of pics. It was so much fun spending time with family and celebrating the gift that Jesus gave to us. Thanks Mom, Dad & Granny for spending the day with us, it made Ky's day for you guys to be here! Save the date for next year!

Easter Bunny & Eggs

It rained last night so the Easter Bunny hid the eggs in the house this morning so we would not get muddy hunting for them outside. Ky had so much fun playing with her goodies and hunting eggs with Daddy. There were even "treats" for Harley hidden in some of the eggs as well as a few little toys and stickers. What fun they all had!

Easter Breakfast!

For breakfast this morning we had... Egg-shaped pancakes, vanilla ice cream and of course sprinkles. A new EASTER tradition. I must say it was mighty tasty!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Making Easter Eggs!

This year Kylie was determined to dye Easter Eggs. She has asked relentlessly since she and Daddy picked out a set to dye eggs with at the store about a week ago. So, all week we have been telling her to be patient. I know she has since gotten tired of Mommy saying, "You know Ky, Patience is a Virtue." So, today we gave in and decided to let her go ahead a make the eggs "Pretty." She seemed to have a lot of fun and can't wait to put the stickers on them tomorrow. Yes, this set came with neat little stickers to make the eggs have silly faces. Who would have thought? Just wait till she gets to hunt for the eggs on Sunday.
Even though we have given in to the COMMERCIAL aspect of Easter now that Kylie has gotten older, we have also introduced to her the real reason we celebrate Easter. After several backyard conversations over picking up sticks to make the yard pretty for the Easter Bunny, she now knows that Easter is important since Jesus went to heaven for us so he could come back and live in our hearts. Praise the Lord for the Cross!

Showing some Love!

Happy Easter Harley Dog!