Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thnow Day!

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010 it snowed in Austin!!! Kylie was so excited, she has been praying to Jesus for snow all winter. I dropped her off at Ms. Linda's & Mr. Jerrell's house early that morning and went to work. By 9 or so it was snowing. I had the pleasure of watching it from the window of the classroom and even took the student's outside to feel the flakes fall from the sky. Kylie, on the other hand, spent the day playing outside with some of her friends and building mini snowmen. Enjoy!
Kylie & Ms. Linda

When the snow first started falling

Saturday, February 20, 2010


On Tuesday, February 16, we finally got Kylie an appointment to see Dr. Lieberman, a Pediatric Allergist here in Austin. We were so excited since we have been asking for this referral for years. Cody and I loaded Kylie up and she even brought her own "Doctor Kit" from her playroom so she would have all of the same tools.

The whole appointment went rather well. Kylie showed off her tools to all who entered the room and she was such a trooper when they did the scratch test on her back, although she did scream when they made her take off her shirt (she thought they wanted to give her a shot.) Poor girl! Unfortunately, the tests all showed a negative and we are now back to the drawing board. Our little girl does not have allergies. Our next step will be to see an ENT. The Allergist seems to think that Ky's nasal passages may be the culprit.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hospital Trip

A few weeks ago, Kylie had another bout with her allergies. We made an emergency visit to our Doctor's Office and came home with a new prescription for Allegra. We are also still awaiting our paperwork for our referral to the Allergist. The medicine seemed to be working well, until a few nights ago when we noticed that Kylie was sleeping fitfully and waking up to potty quite frequently. This then began to happen during naptime as well. After Dance Class on Monday, February 8, Kylie was extremely tired and took a nap a bit early. When she woke up to potty, she sat and sat and told me "Mommy, my peepee is stuck". This scared her so much that she screamed for me to call Daddy and almost began to hyperventilate. I took her to the Immediate Care down the street where they took a urine sample and concluded that it must be a UTI. After this ordeal we went home, ate some dinner and Kylie took her antibiotic.
After dinner, Kylie got up from the table and could barely walk, she was still having trouble going potty and her pain had seemed to increase. I called the Immediate Care back and they told me it might be a good idea to take Ky into Dell Children's Hospital to make sure there wasn't something else going on as well. So, I called Cody and asked him to come home yet again. Once he got home, he packed us up and off to the Hospital we went. It was so hard to see Kylie is so much pain. Not to mention all of the other children at the Hospital, all there for one reason or another. I have to say the Hospital was quite nice and the Doctor's were even nicer. The Doctor spent some time with Kylie and concluded that she was in fact on the right type of antibiotic but needed additional medication to help speed up the process for recovery, thus resulting in a double injection to her poor little legs. After all was said and done we went home with a diagnosis of urine retension and a UTI. The new allergy medication had caused Kylie's body to not let go of her urine as it should have and caused an infection. Praise God for the speedy actions of the Doctor's and now we know that our kidlet has trouble with certain antihistamines and what to watch out for.

Dance Class

So, the other day while we were watching TV, one of Kylie's favorite songs came on Nick Jr. She immediately got up and began to dance around the living room. When she was finished so told me that she wanted to learn to dance like the kids on TV and the little girl in the movie "Game Plan." After this conversation, I talked it over with Cody and we decided to find Kylie a dance school close to home. Come to find out, there is a school right around the corner called D'Ette. We took Ky to a "Tryout Class" and the Teacher said she fit in perfectly with the other kids, so as of February 1st she has been enrolled for class once a week. We now have our own Dance outfit, ballet and tap shoes.


For Family Fun Day, Cody took us fishing at a park in Manor. It was a cute little pond stocked with fish. Kylie and Cody of course had all of the luck as I did not catch a single thing other than moss. Oh well, we had fun. After fishing we ate our picnic lunch and played on the playground. I could not have asked for a better day! Enjoy!
Kylie Fishing All By Herself

What A Catch

Daddy Giving Ky Some Pointers

Baiting The Hook

Reel It In