Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hospital Trip

A few weeks ago, Kylie had another bout with her allergies. We made an emergency visit to our Doctor's Office and came home with a new prescription for Allegra. We are also still awaiting our paperwork for our referral to the Allergist. The medicine seemed to be working well, until a few nights ago when we noticed that Kylie was sleeping fitfully and waking up to potty quite frequently. This then began to happen during naptime as well. After Dance Class on Monday, February 8, Kylie was extremely tired and took a nap a bit early. When she woke up to potty, she sat and sat and told me "Mommy, my peepee is stuck". This scared her so much that she screamed for me to call Daddy and almost began to hyperventilate. I took her to the Immediate Care down the street where they took a urine sample and concluded that it must be a UTI. After this ordeal we went home, ate some dinner and Kylie took her antibiotic.
After dinner, Kylie got up from the table and could barely walk, she was still having trouble going potty and her pain had seemed to increase. I called the Immediate Care back and they told me it might be a good idea to take Ky into Dell Children's Hospital to make sure there wasn't something else going on as well. So, I called Cody and asked him to come home yet again. Once he got home, he packed us up and off to the Hospital we went. It was so hard to see Kylie is so much pain. Not to mention all of the other children at the Hospital, all there for one reason or another. I have to say the Hospital was quite nice and the Doctor's were even nicer. The Doctor spent some time with Kylie and concluded that she was in fact on the right type of antibiotic but needed additional medication to help speed up the process for recovery, thus resulting in a double injection to her poor little legs. After all was said and done we went home with a diagnosis of urine retension and a UTI. The new allergy medication had caused Kylie's body to not let go of her urine as it should have and caused an infection. Praise God for the speedy actions of the Doctor's and now we know that our kidlet has trouble with certain antihistamines and what to watch out for.

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Yvette said...

oh poor sweetheart! I hope she is feeling better now. hugs and kisses from all of us to Kylie