Saturday, February 20, 2010


On Tuesday, February 16, we finally got Kylie an appointment to see Dr. Lieberman, a Pediatric Allergist here in Austin. We were so excited since we have been asking for this referral for years. Cody and I loaded Kylie up and she even brought her own "Doctor Kit" from her playroom so she would have all of the same tools.

The whole appointment went rather well. Kylie showed off her tools to all who entered the room and she was such a trooper when they did the scratch test on her back, although she did scream when they made her take off her shirt (she thought they wanted to give her a shot.) Poor girl! Unfortunately, the tests all showed a negative and we are now back to the drawing board. Our little girl does not have allergies. Our next step will be to see an ENT. The Allergist seems to think that Ky's nasal passages may be the culprit.

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