Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuff Jones

On Sunday March 28, 2010 we brought Tuff Jones home (DOB: February 1, 2010). Cody has high hopes for Tuff as he plans to train him as a bird dog. Hopefully all will go well, as for now we have to get him to STOP whining and barking when he is alone, I know the neighbors love the noise. It's awful! Harley, our little Boston has never been a barker so I am not used to all of the craziness. In time he'll learn. He's a cutie though...

Lieutenant Game Warden

On March 23, 2010 Cody interviewed for the Lieutenant Game Warden of Marine Enforcement position at Headquarters here in Austin and got it!!! This will be his first 8 to 5 job ever. Kylie and I are so proud of him. We can't wait to hear how his first day goes. We'll see. April 1st, here we come!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kite Flying at Friendship

To wrap up our Spring Break, we had a Kite Flying Day out at our little country church. The wind was gusting so hard that I thought we would surely blow away. Kylie had a lot of fun and only dropped the handle of her kite once. It was too cute watching her run after it. We can't wait to go again, hopefully next time Cody can go too!!!

Kylie Flying Her Kite All By Herself

Kylie & Mr. Marvin (Our Pastor)

So Serious

Spring Break 2010

Since Kylie was out of school this week, we took a few days to go visit MelMel & PaPa. It was such a pretty trip. The weather was great, the birds were nesting and the flowers & trees were beginning to bloom. We spent two nights enjoying the company and of course took some walks to explore the country, something we don't get much of in Austin. I took quite a few pics but the most amazing pictures I could not get were of the hummingbirds. We would sit on the couch in the living room and as we were doing so, the hummingbirds would sip their sugar water out of the feeder right outside of the window. We were literally less than a few feet from them. Gotta love Spring!!!

Kylie & PaPa Picking Flowers For The Dinner Table

Look At That View

Picking Flowers

Out On The Trail