Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day 2009!

For Mother's Day we made a quick trip to see Granny and MelMel, a new tradition since Granny moved into her cute little apartment. We opened all of our presents and of course had a huge lunch in the dining hall complete with dessert, a must for our special day. I'm bummed because this year we did not get a photo of all of us girls, four generations all together at once. (Granny, MelMel, Honey & Ky) The biggest surprise of all was for Ky though. When we hopped into the truck to come home, MelMel came with us. Surprise!

Papa and Ky playing cars.

Granny & Ky chilling!

MelMel & Kylie cuddling.

Wiener Dog Races

So, a few weeks ago we drove the few minutes down to Buda and attended the Wiener Dog Races. It was definately quite the experience. There were all sorts of vendors out and about selling neat stuff at unaffordable prices, but of course we love to look. After wandering around for quite a while we posed for pics with the Wiener Mobile and took our seats in the stands to watch the races. The dogs seemed to really enjoy themselves. The owners would line up their dogs into the cages and run to the other end of the track, jumping and shouting, all the while acting silly. Then the cages were opened by a clever little lever and then they were off. Some of the doggies made it, some got turned around and some never even made it out of the starting gate. Who knew. Kylie had so much fun and asked to go back for days after the festival was over. Maybe next year!

Kylie & Daddy cheering for the doggies!

And there they go!

The starting Gate.

Oscar Mayer has a way with BOLOGNA!