Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disney On Ice

A few weeks ago a good friend of ours had the idea of a Girls Night Out featuring Disney on Ice. I have to say that we had quite a bit of fun. Kylie was mesmerized as we watched Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Tinker Bell all come to life on the Ice. It was AMAZING. We can't wait till our next Girls Night Out!
Lydia, Kaylee & Kylie

Tinker Bell


ENT Catastrophe

So, we finally had our ENT appointment with kidlet the other day. We had been looking forward to this for weeks. Cody was out of town, so I took Ky in with our hopes of finding a solution to her persistant "sinus drainage" issues. The appointment with our doctor was awful!! He would not listen to me, repeatedly stated that he could not fix the past and told me not to take my frustrations out on him. He did not understand what our problem could possibly be since at that very moment in time kidlet was not "SICK". All he was willing to offer was saline solution and mucinex the next time Ky was having one of her "Attacks" and to bring her in then, to let him know how it was working. When I asked how to get her in when she was sick, since appointments had to be made weeks out due to full schedules, he would tell me not to take my frustrations out on him. When I told him I would no longer pump my child full of medications without a confirmed diagnosis, he said he could not agree with that. Evidentally prescribing medications for the heck of it is a way to attempt to figure out what is wrong with a person. He also told me that my child is not allergic to Allegra, that urinary retension is a side affect and not a major problem. Hello, it sent Kylie to the ER in horrific pain and with a high fever. The ER doctor said not to give her that medication ever again. I think I would agree with him on that. The ENT then said the Allergist did not do a good job since he only did a small panel of allergy screening and not a full panel. I was so upset by the end of our appointment, that I left in tears and went to the nearest bathroom and cried until I could regain some form of composure. Kylie kept telling me "Mommy, I just want you to be happy!" She was such a trooper! I just wanted the ENT to listen to me and to my child. We would not have been there had we not tried the things he was suggesting before. If it were only that simple, we would not have to be in his office! He so needs a lesson on Empathy and Bedside Manner! Let a parent vent!!! So, we still must sleep with a bucket! Ughh!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hastings and Tea Parties

While Yvette and the girls were in from England, we spent a day at Uncle Norman's & Aunt Loretta's house in San Antonio. Kylie and Emily had so much fun. They had a Tea Party in the backyard with Uncle Norman and Grandpa Phil. They even had a marshmellow roast over the BBQ Pit. How Texas is that? We also had a chance to go next door to see the work that the new owner's of Grandmom and Pop's house have done. It was so nice to see the transformation. All in all it was a great day!

Em & Ky

Grandpa Phil & Uncle Norman

Tea Party Time

Uncle Norman


Grandpa Phil & Emily

Yvette & Aunt Loretta

Phillip Hastings Family, April 2010

Nathan, Megan, Kylie, Honey, Yvette, Lena, Grandpa Phil & Emily (We are just missing Michael)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter Sunday at 2515 Monarch

On Easter Sunday, 2010, we had a wonderful day filled with family & fun. After Sunday School and Church, we rushed home and put lunch together. We had quite a crowd and loved every minute. (MelMel, PaPa, Granny, Vina, LaVarre, Natalie, Yvette, Megan, Emily, Lena, Kevin, Nathan & Grandpa Phil) We ate yummy food, hunted eggs and enjoyed some lively talk. We also took lots of pictures. Thank you Lord for such an Awesome day! Enjoy the pics!
Vina & MelMel

Megan, Kylie & Emily


MelMel caught Egg Handed!


Nathan & Megan

Megan, Emily, Grandpa Phil & Kylie

LaVarre & Vina

Honey and her Awesome niece Megan!

Ky's Easter Egg Hunt at Friendship MDO

Right before Easter, Kylie's class had an Easter Egg hunt. It was too cute watching them run back and forth and filling up their baskets. Of course, once they realized the eggs were full of candy they had their fill. Sugar rush!!!

Kylie, Kaylee, Ian, Kinley, Brooklyn, Alana & Lydia