Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mema's 80th Birthday

For Mema's 80th birthday, we took a trip to El Paso and surprised her with lunch at the Olive Garden. She had no idea that we had all gathered to celebrate her birthday, so when she walked in and saw us, she cried. Too sweet. After lunch, we headed back to Mema's house for pictures and cake as well as gifts. The biggest gift was a scrapbook of memories and letters from the entire family. This was also the first time we had been back to see Ken's house after he remodeled it and moved in. He did such a great job!

Colton, Kylie, Cutter, Maren & Brazos

Jennifer & Maren In The Family Rocking Chair
The Family Swing In Mema's Backyard

Brazos Kissing Mema Goodbye

Nicole, Meme & Honey

Jennifer & Maren

Mema (Marjorie) & Aunt Barbara

Jessa, Colton, Mema, Kylie, Maren, Brazos & Cutter

Brazos In The Family Rocking Chair

Nicole & Kristal

Aunt Debbie & Meme (Pam)

Mema (Marjorie)

Jessa, Debbie & Danny

Debbie & Larry

Meme (Pam) & BigBud (David)

Jessa & Kylie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jones' In Austin

While Chris, Nicole and the boys were visiting Texas they dropped in with us for a bit. Chris and Cody headed off to go tubing with some friends while Nicole and I hung out with the kids. It was such an awesome visit and sad as well to know that while we have so much fun hanging out they have to return home to Guam...

Cutter On Ky's 4 Wheeler

Aunt CoCo & Ky

Brazos Hiding Out

Cutter Getting In On The Fun

Friday, August 13, 2010

July 4th Weekend

For July 4th Weekend we headed to San Angelo to spend time with the Family! This was the first time since Jennifer's wedding that we were all together. The kids had so much fun riding the Bevo's, playing with sparklers and playing. They are all growing up so quickly.

Aunt CoCo And Ky Painting Nails

Daddy & Ky Practicing

Driving Time

Cody & Colton

Nicole & Brazos

Kylie's Adventures With Sparklers

Colton With A Cricket Down His Shirt

Kylie, Cody, Colton, Cutter, Jennifer, Maren, Chris & Brazos

Colton With The Racoon He Trapped

Brazos, Nicole, Chris, Colton & Cutter

Jennifer, Waleed & Maren

Jones Family, July 2010

BigBud, Maren, Cutter, Colton, Brazos, MeMe & Kylie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Father's Day 2009

For Father's Day this year, Ky and I bought Cody an Inflatable Pontoon Boat! ENJOY!!!

June 2009, Ky's 4 Year Immunizations

This year we had to get Ky's 4 year immunizations. OUCH!!!

Ceile's Wedding Weekend: The Beach

During Ceile's wedding weekend, we stayed at a hotel in La Porte. We celebrated MelMel & PaPa's anniversary by getting them a room at the same hotel as us. The day after the wedding, we ate breakfast and headed down to the beach for a bit. Ky had a blast, she loves the beach!

Ky & MelMel's Toes

MelMel & PaPa (Happy Anniversary)

Ceile's Wedding Weekend: The Wedding

Ceile's wedding was beautiful, sunset on the beach. The ceremony was outside, quaint and small and the dance was inside, crazy and fun. It was great seeing the happy couple but it was sad knowing that the first person I ever babysat was old enough to get married. Yikes!

Richard (PaPa) & Buffalo

Buffalo & Ceile

Buffalo (Jim) & Beth

Ceile's Wedding Weekend: Kemah

In June of 2009, we took a weekend trip to see Ceile Clement (Uncle Buffalo's Daughter) get married. The morning before the wedding we went to Kemah and spent time on the Boardwalk. We rode on many of the rides, ate at the Aquarium Cafe and of course had a blast.