Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mema's 80th Birthday

For Mema's 80th birthday, we took a trip to El Paso and surprised her with lunch at the Olive Garden. She had no idea that we had all gathered to celebrate her birthday, so when she walked in and saw us, she cried. Too sweet. After lunch, we headed back to Mema's house for pictures and cake as well as gifts. The biggest gift was a scrapbook of memories and letters from the entire family. This was also the first time we had been back to see Ken's house after he remodeled it and moved in. He did such a great job!

Colton, Kylie, Cutter, Maren & Brazos

Jennifer & Maren In The Family Rocking Chair
The Family Swing In Mema's Backyard

Brazos Kissing Mema Goodbye

Nicole, Meme & Honey

Jennifer & Maren

Mema (Marjorie) & Aunt Barbara

Jessa, Colton, Mema, Kylie, Maren, Brazos & Cutter

Brazos In The Family Rocking Chair

Nicole & Kristal

Aunt Debbie & Meme (Pam)

Mema (Marjorie)

Jessa, Debbie & Danny

Debbie & Larry

Meme (Pam) & BigBud (David)

Jessa & Kylie

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