Friday, April 10, 2009

Making Easter Eggs!

This year Kylie was determined to dye Easter Eggs. She has asked relentlessly since she and Daddy picked out a set to dye eggs with at the store about a week ago. So, all week we have been telling her to be patient. I know she has since gotten tired of Mommy saying, "You know Ky, Patience is a Virtue." So, today we gave in and decided to let her go ahead a make the eggs "Pretty." She seemed to have a lot of fun and can't wait to put the stickers on them tomorrow. Yes, this set came with neat little stickers to make the eggs have silly faces. Who would have thought? Just wait till she gets to hunt for the eggs on Sunday.
Even though we have given in to the COMMERCIAL aspect of Easter now that Kylie has gotten older, we have also introduced to her the real reason we celebrate Easter. After several backyard conversations over picking up sticks to make the yard pretty for the Easter Bunny, she now knows that Easter is important since Jesus went to heaven for us so he could come back and live in our hearts. Praise the Lord for the Cross!

Showing some Love!

Happy Easter Harley Dog!

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Mema said...

Honey, thank you again for reminding me of this site. I've gone back through all the previous postings and pictures and loved them all. I didn't leave comments but had many! Reading about "Courtesies" reminded me of when I was sitting at Meme and Big Bud's table and Kylie wanted to pass by. That precious little two and a half year old girl said "Escuse me" and I was absolutely astounded! You and Cody are wonderful parents. God bless you. Love, Mema