Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunting eggs with Papa!

Kylie & Granny!

Kylie & Papa!

Family Time! Cody, Kylie, Honey, MelMel, Papa & Granny!

On Easter Sunday, we cooked tons of food, put it in the oven and headed off to church. Kylie decided she wanted to go to Big Church and I am happy to report that she did awesome, but I think we will stick to the nursery from now on so we don't miss so much of the sermon catching flying crayons! When we got home MelMel, Papa & Granny drove tons of miles to see us and we took turns hiding and finding the eggs, ate lots of food and took lots of pics. It was so much fun spending time with family and celebrating the gift that Jesus gave to us. Thanks Mom, Dad & Granny for spending the day with us, it made Ky's day for you guys to be here! Save the date for next year!


JennL said...

WOW!! Very impressive. I had no idea you had all this on here?!?
My neice is too cute:)
Can't wait to see you guys - XOXO Jenn

MelMel said...

Thanks for inviting us we had a great time!