Monday, December 15, 2008

Trail Of Lights

So, on Sunday night we took Ky to "The Trail of Lights" here in Austin. She had so much fun walking like such a big girl, looking at all of the lights and displays. She has really gotten into Christmas this year. She even put a picture of "Baby Jesus" on a branch of our Christmas Tree. (Sometimes she calls it a Jesus Tree) It is hard to believe that last night we were out in short sleeves, remarking how hot it was and then tonight we are already below freezing. We are so happy we decided to venture out last night to see all of the lights, it was sort of an impromptu trip. Tonight would have been so cold! We did however light the fire tonight in the fireplace and sat around it drinking hot chocolate marveling at how Santa could fit down such a cramped chimney.

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Yvette said...

Oh I do miss the Texas weather! I think I have about 10 different hot drinks in my cabinet to make the cold evenings more enjoyable. The lights trip sounds great! Little Miss "Big Girl". So cute!