Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Game Warden Association Convention

So, this last weekend we attended the Game Warden Association Convention at the YO Ranch in Mountain Home. It was so much fun! We were able to stay in a Rustic Cabin, yes it had a bathroom and a heater but boy was it cold... The cabin was remodeled to have modern conveniences but it was still the frontier style, made of rock and boards with no insulation, and when the sun was out you could see right through the slats where the boards were laid side by side. Don't get me wrong, it may have been cold but we would go again! On Saturday we went on the YO Safari bus, where Kylie was able to feed and pet a Giraffe, see an ostrich, and other various exotic animals. She had so much fun that she literally cried for about 30 minutes when we loaded up and headed home on Sunday, she wanted to stay and play with all of her new friends (Marshall & Walker Jackson) run & play outside and of course have new adventures with Mommy & Daddy.
We could not resist this picture!

On the stage at the Pavillion.

The living room to our cabin. We did not use this room much because without a fire it was quite chilly.

The Safari Bus!

Two of the Giraffes at the Ranch.

Kylie hiding from the Giraffe's tongue after she fed him a cookie.

The front door of our cabin. (Fargo)


Yvette said...

cool bus & giraffe photos! the one of kylie on the bench is so cute too! Great rustic looking place, sounds fun!

Laura said...

Love the Family picture taken at the cross. Sounds like a great time!