Thursday, August 25, 2011

Galveston Trip ~ July 2011

For our first vacation as a family of 4, we traveled to Galveston to spend some time at the beach. It just so happened that it was the first time we saw rain in ages as this year has been the hottest on record and we are in a devastating drought. We tried to send the rain on to Austin but of course it would not travel so far.

While in Galveston, we spent quite a bit of time at Moody Gardens, enjoying the IMAX theater, the Pyramids and the water park. It was so nice that Ky and Daddy could spend time in the water while Cage and I could stroll around the pyramids in the AC.

As well as spending time at Moody Gardens we took a trip on the ferry to Bolivar Peninsula, dined at Landry's on the beach, and toured some museums. It was such a wonderful time!

Ferry to Bolivar

Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens

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