Monday, August 25, 2008

Fireweed Jelly

Well, we are back from Alaska and have returned to the horrible heat and humidity that our beautiful state endures during the summer. We did so much this trip that we could not possibly post it all now but at least I can get started. Since we have begun to pass out our souviners to all I figured it would be best to explain. Yes, we made jelly out of a plant called Fireweed, I know it sounds odd. It was however quite the experience and quite yummy. Fireweed grows wild in Alaska and has beautiful pink blooms. Cody and I picked quite a bit and seperated the blooms from all of the other wonderful things that accompany a flower when you pick it. Then Nicole and I boiled the flowers to get the juice, mixed it with all the other ingredients you need to make jelly and then sealed them all. It was quite a process but in the end it yielded 36 jars of jelly which taste somewhat like a cross between cactus and grape jelly. Yummo!


Yvette said...

I love making jams and jellies! Cool, it sounds yummy!
Glad you are back and had a good trip.
love ya

Christopher said...

Thanks for the jam! It was yummy! The boys like it on the PB&J sandwiches.