Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises

On one of our outings, Cody, Kylie and I went on a boat cruise to see some of the glaciers and wildlife in Prince William Sound. We first had to drive to Whittier where the boat launched from. The neatest thing was that in order to get to Whittier you had to drive through a mountain which was only open every hour for 15 minutes each direction, was only one lane, had emergency safe rooms, and had to be shared with the train. It was neat and spooky at the same time. You had to show up on time, pay the toll and wait for confirmation to go and hope that you made the tunnel back to the side of the mountain you wanted to be on so you did not get stuck on the wrong side for the night. The boat guide informed us that the town itself was occupied by about 600 people in the summer months and only 200 or so in the winter months. All of these few people lived in two buildings since there is no single family housing in town. The boat ride itself was pretty neat too! We saw thousands of birds, awesome waterfalls and quite a few glaciers. We were able to get close to two of the glaciers and saw some pretty amazing "calving". Kylie also got to hold some of the glacier ice that the crewmen fished out of the water. We also saw some otters but by this time Kylie was so tired she had crashed on the seat next to the table where we ate our lunch. Crabcakes, yum! Here are some pictures.


Christopher said...

It looks beautiful! What a great vacation.

Yvette said...

Sounds like a great experience! I love the glacier photo! cool.