Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hurricane Ike

As many of you know, Cody was sent to the Galveston area after Hurricane Ike hit. He said the destruction was horrible and brought back many pictures of the devastation many of those that live on the Gulf Coast will being going home to. After seeing these I am pretty sure that living on the coast is something I can live without.

There were many more houses on this block. Only these 5 were left standing, the rest are as you can see completely gone...

This is the lion the guys helped get out of the church. The guys said the lion went willingly but the tiger, which we do not have a picture of, did not.

This is the cow the guys rescued from the second story of a home. Poor cow!

The guys used an airboat to get to many of the places to check for survivors. Praise the Lord they found a few and brought them to shelters.

General damage to the area, it is just awful to see in pictures I can't imagine being there in person.

This is the bridge the guys had to use to get onto the island. Yes, it was down to one lane and the others had been taken out by the waves. Scary...


Yvette said...

Yikes! Look at that bridge. I haven't seen many of the devastation photos because we don't get that specific of coverage. I am so glad all of our family is safe and it is great Cody was able to go and help.

Emily said...

Gosh! That is so crazy! I saw the pictures of the lion on the news, but didn't even think that he would be the one to help get it out! How cool! I'm glad he's safe, though!