Saturday, October 4, 2008

Texas Parks & Wildlife EXPO 2008

Today we went to the Texas Parks & Wildlife EXPO. We have gone every year since we have lived in Austin and believe it or not it is just as fun each time we go. This year Kylie was old enough to do some of the activities. She was so excited about fishing since Daddy promised her this morning that she could see lots of fishies. With Cody's help Kylie did in fact catch her very first fish, a trout... Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the fish.

Although Kylie was partial to the fish, she did stop long enough to see some of the other "wildlife" they had on exhibit. The snakes were too scary so we stuck close to the ground and examined the turtles and of course the bird dogs.

Kylie also had fun playing around in the TPWD Helicopter. I guess she takes after Cody, he loves to go flying and so does she.

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Yvette said...

Ohh, so sweet to spend time together! Sounds like a really fun day!
Love ya