Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Garlic Bread!

Kylie may love to cook in her little kitchen but she also loves to help Mommy. Here she is making some garlic toast to go with our dinner.


Texans in Alaska said...

Okay, Kylie is making her Aunt Coco's mouth water. (Which is rare here lately nothing sounds good, but in order not to feel sick, I have to eat. UGH!) Next time we see ya'll she is gonna have to show me how to make Garlic Toast! ;o) I have my 12 wk us tomorrow. I'll call you when I get home! Love you all!

Yvette said...

ahhhhhhh how sweet ( this is megi)
i just have to say i LOVE the song YOUR GONA MISS THIS and thanks to your blog i can hear the song when i go on you blog (have not heard it since i saw you last !!)